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"Focusing on customer-oriented companies with the goal of supplying high-quality low-cost products"
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2017-09-18 15:57:54

BORIM TECH is a specialized auto parts maker focusing on automobile suspension parts in Sinseung-dong, Iksan-si. Since its establishment in 2004, it has grown into a specialized vehicle company through active investment and R & D. The main product of Borim Tech is a shock absorber. The shock absorber is a device that stabilizes the body by suppressing the expansion and contraction of the vehicle.


Suspension strut base ass'y, fuel cell and so on. In the world market where the shock absorber industry is in a key position in the automotive parts and materials industry, Borim Tech has been cooperating with Mando Co., Ltd. to improve the product competitiveness and quality, and has been recognized for its technological power by exporting finished products to the world. This is due to their efforts to provide innovative products to the global market with the three best slogans of passion, creativity and harmony, and to provide low-cost products with the highest quality guaranteed.


BORIM TECH's strength is accumulated through the continuous research and development, and it has accumulated the technology of automobile parts forming, cutting processing, fuel cell parts, press forming technology, CO2 welding, automatic welding line of laser welding, sophisticated robot welding system, Continuous automatic line plating equipment, surface treatment coating and plating technology, and so on.

In addition, by improving the process to improve productivity and improving the defective rate, the company is able to increase productivity and rationalize the process by reducing the quality cost, analyzing the non-moving type, and improving the line process based on the "OEM bad zero" The project is being promoted and the cost structure is being innovated. As a result, Borim Tech was selected as the best partner from Mando last year for a short period of time, which was established in March 2004. In 2013, it achieved sales of 62.2 billion won and 150 employees.


Borim Tech president Lee Hyung-seop (49) is president. This representative life and Borim Tech have a history together. His father opened a small plating company in Busan in 1967. This is the Daedong plating industry, the predecessor of Borim Tech. He grew up watching the process of building the company, and joined the company as a 1991 employee after graduating from college. After the inauguration of the CEO in 2003, the company changed its name to Borim and expanded its business to take place at Iksan in 2004. The number of employees who had more than 50 employees increased to 300, and the sales grew nearly 10 times compared with the first inauguration. This delegate turned them all into the hands of the employees. "I am always thankful and sorry to all of my employees," he said. Thanks to the excellent managerial ability of Ahn Young-keun, he was also registered as a partner company and thankful that he was able to establish Borim Tech in Iksan. When it was the most rewarding time for doing business, it was time to grow up as the best partner company from Mando last year, 10 years after the partnership.


It is a result of innovations every year, and all the employees are working together. Following Mr. Mando's visit, he also encouraged him. On the other hand, the most difficult time to build a business was when I moved from Busan to Iksan and settled down. There were also differences in local characteristics and I was struggling to recruit people.


He told Borim Tech employees, "You would not be here if you did not have sweat from the temples. I always thank and I am sorry, "he said." Though it will be hard work, I hope that I can enjoy work with pleasure. In addition, I would like everybody to work hard so that we can diversify our customers through innovative technologies and establish a quality management system through capacity building. "

"We will be customer-oriented company aiming to supply high quality low cost products with constant research and development. As a leading company in Jeonbuk Province and one of the top 100 innovation companies, I will strive to develop the local economy. "

BORIM TECH is a stable company that has survived without a major crisis for 50 years. Even during the IMF and the financial crisis, when many companies were in a series of bankruptcies, the company was never shaken by internal factors. The stability and rational decision-making are the backdrops, and the longevity of the longevity corporation that has been in existence for over 50 years is proud of the people of the island.

/ Kang In-ki reporter



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