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Company Overview


Beginning in 1967, Bolim Industries, which began with the Industrial Engineering Industry, focuses on automotive parts based on gold, painting techniques, press and welding techniques, and maintains managerial innovation, cost savings, manufacturing, and automotive parts in the changing corporate environment, maintaining managerial innovation, cost savings, and stable labor-management relations.
Based on the management philosophy of the best quality and technology, our executives were able to compete in the competitive market through bold challenges and innovation.
As a result, POSCO E&C established a robust midsize business in 2004, including the establishment of Bolim Tech in 2004, the establishment of Bolim Industries in 2010 and the establishment of Bolim Power in 2014.
To nurture talent, we continually strive to provide employees with the utmost quality and perfect quality of service to enhance their ability to enhance staff skills, cooperation with colleges and universities, and technology exchanges.

Corporate ideology

Bolim aims to supply the world's best quality and competitive price products to the world market.


The strength of Bolim lies in the technological competence accumulated through ceaseless research and development.
Through the more sophisticated and accurate technique of Bolim, we will foster a brighter future and foster experts who pursue innovation in the motto " passion, creativity, harmony ".

Core competence

The automotive components of the automotive parts, the equipment of the fuel cell components, the press of the fuel cell components, the automatic welding of the CO2 welding machine, the fuel cell manufacturing system and the fuel cell manufacturing (s) of the fuel cell (s).